ePEN Scoring Software Set-Up

Version: ePEN 6.1 and Up

File Size: 17.8 MB (17,831 KB)

Download Time Estimate:á This will take less than 20 minutes to download on high-speed internet connections, and approximately 45 minutes on 56k dial-up modems.

If you have a high-speed internet connection and the download is taking longer than 20 minutes, cancel the download and retry until you get a better download speed. 

If you need assistance downloading and installing the software, please refer to the ePEN Set-Up Guide, which will walk you through the software download and installation process step-by-step!á á

Download Instructions:

  1. Click on the "INSTALL ePEN NOW" link below to automatically download the ePEN Set-Up Software.*
  2. Save the file to your computer's desktop (or other easy-to-find location) by clicking Save.
  3. When the download is complete, close Internet Explorer or click Run to install the software.
  4. If you close Internet Explorer, double-click on the downloaded file (EpenScoringClientSetup6.5.exe) on your computer’s desktop (or from the location you saved the file) to install the ePEN Set-Up Software.á
  5. If you previously installed the current or an earlier version of the ePEN scoring software, you will be first prompted to remove that version as part of a clean-up process.
  6. When the removal process is finished, double-click on the EpenScoringClientSetup6.5.exe file again to install the software or simply click on the “INSTALL ePEN NOW” link below and click Run to install the ePEN scoring software directly from this Web site.á


* By downloading the ePEN Set-Up Software, you agree to the ePEN Software User License Agreement. You may view the user license in the ePEN Set-Up Guide's appendix.

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